2016 – believe it or not – marks the 30th anniversary of Crowded House’s legendary self-titled debut album. It’s also now exactly 20 years since those unforgettable scenes on the steps of the Sydney Opera House when Crowded House bid farewell to the world, 25 years since the landmark ‘Woodface’ album.

Their six studio albums have provided them with platinum sales in Australia, NZ, UK, United States and Canada. In Australia – the band enjoy over 26x Platinum album sales, 16 ARIA Top 50 Singles and 5 ARIA #1 albums, spanning from 1986 to now.

Which brings us to 2016 and the Crowded House 30th anniversary and long-awaited album reissues. One of our most beloved bands; all those classic songs; all the classic albums sounding and looking better than ever. What more reason needed to celebrate? As a wise man once said, history never repeats, but if it’s taught us anything, take no bets on where Crowded House might take us from here.

Neil Finn – vocals, guitars, keyboards, piano (1985–1996, 2006–present) / Nick Seymour – bass, backing vocals (1985–1989, 1989–1996, 2006–present) / Mark Hart – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals (1993–1996, 2007–present; touring member 1989-1993) / Matt Sherrod – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2007–present)

Former members: Paul Hester – drums, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals (1985–1994, 1996; died 2005) / Tim Finn – vocals, guitars, keyboards, piano (1990–1991; guest appearance – 1996) / Peter Jones – drums, backing vocals (1994–1996; guest appearance – 1996; died 2012)